My name is Jessica and I am the proud owner and creator of Ositos. I started Ositos in April 2018 and what simply started out as a hobby and an extra way to bring in more income, has quickly turned in to so much more. 

I am a mother to a beautiful little girl named Ariel and a wife to an amazing super supportive husband named German. I'm a huge Disney fan so if I'm not at work or at an event you'll most likely find me at Disneyland. Yes, I still have a full time job and work Ositos as my second job. We do pop ups almost every weekend and enjoy traveling to new cities. I enjoy meeting all of you in person and it always brings a huge smile to my face when I see someone try Ositos for the first time, the instant smile and look of absolute happiness is what I live for!


Follow us on instagram @Ositos_Addict and find out where our next pop up will be and what we're up to. I love meeting you all, so never be shy to say Hi when you see me.

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